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At their is an availablity of bathtubs in all sizes, shape and types, along with other accessories such as faucets, cabinets, mirrors, showers, and many others. We provide some of the leading brands in bathroom accessories, so that there will be no point of compromise in quality. And we assure that you are at the right place. Here are some types of bathtubs where you can have a look. Generally here we have categorize our most common types of bathtubs and in that catergory you can choose different size and shapes of the bathtubs.

Bathtubs Type

Soaking Tubs

This soaking tub are very larger in size it is very good in relaxation this hold's water deep because of its depth.

Clawfoot Tubs

This are the luxury items that provide you the royal feel that you looking for.

Slipper Tubs

This provide your neck a comfort because of its high walls both from the sides.

Pedestal Tubs

This are the modern tubs most common tubs that are used everywhere nowadays, this are mostly placed in larger bathrooms. A pedestal tub can become the center of attraction when you enter in the bathroom.

Walkin Tubs

This type of tubs are very use full for physically challenged people or for seniors who face difficulty to higher their legs. There is device near the door which holds the water and behaves like a seal.

Whirlpool Tubs

The tub provides you the relaxation as well as entertains you massage your back. There is bubble maker in the tub that is combined with shooting water from jet so that will give you a perfect relaxation.

Air Tubs

This is almost similar to whirlpool tubs the difference is only in place of water here the jets executes the air from the blower. Which make you feel good when you are in water.

Installation type?

Freestanding Tubs Drop-in Tubs Alcove Tubs Under-mount Tubs Corner Tubs Apron Front Tubs

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As we sell only leading brands. You will get ensured for the quality. When it comes to price you do not need worry for anything it is affordable and cheap compare to the quality that we provide. We also provide return services, in some purpose if you do not like it or to exchange it. If you are a contractor or designer then there is a good news for you we provide discounts to you people.

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What our clients say

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